How it works

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    Find items. Go to the ‘BRANDS’ section on Lifestyle Buyer and find the items you want. You can also find items on any other UK website.

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    Send items details. Tell us what items you want us to buy for you. Use the Order Form on the ‘ORDER NOW’ page or simply email or message us details about the items. Include a website link to the item, product name, size, colour, quantity, price.

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    Get a quote.We will send you a free quote which will include the cost of the items, DHL shipping fee and our service fee. Our Bitcoin address and multi-currency bank account details will be included in the quote. You can pay using Bitcoin or any major currency.


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    Buy and ship.After receiving payment, we buy the items and ship them to any address worldwide using DHL. Our clients save up to 70% on standard shipping fees using our corporate DHL rates.


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    Store and repack. If you don’t want immediate shipping, we can store your items in our secure warehouse. We can also consolidate several packages into one parcel to reduce shipping fees.

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Service Fees

Service fee

10%of total value

Minimum fee £29.99

  • For in-store purchases that require our team to visit the local retailer to purchase the items, an additional surcharge of £69.99 will apply.

  • We accept payments in Bitcoin and in all major currencies via bank transfer. Our customers save by using our mid-market currency rates.

Why us?

  • Lifestyle Buyer is a world leading buying service based in London
  • We are specialists in high-end and luxury goods
  • Our site has a directory with hundreds of top brands
  • Transactions are private and secure
  • Payments accepted in Bitcoin and in all major currencies using mid-market rates
  • We offer fast and reliable worldwide delivery using DHL. Each parcel is tracked
  • Parcel storage and consolidation is available
  • We provide expert customer support in English and Russian